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Moving Experiences

Mar 24, 2020

What are two wellness pros doing while in quarantine? Listen to this week's episode to find out how Meagan Fitzgerald and I are keeping it real and healthy!

With a strong foundation in dance, Meagan fell in love with the strength, balance and grace of Pilates as soon as it was introduced to her. Thanks to this challenging method, she quickly saw her body change so she went on to receive her 500 hour mat and apparatus certification. Her enthusiasm for the method shows through her energy in class and private sessions. In addition to Pilates, she also teaches barre and her own method of high energy sculpt style classes. Seeing students achieve their fitness goals is truly what drives her to teach. Meagan is a certified Health Coach with a thriving coaching practice, working both 1:1 and through her signature group programs. Her newest title is host of The Resting Bliss Face Podcast which focuses on wellness for the busy woman who wants to do it all.


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Practice one small act of gratitude each day. 


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