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Moving Experiences

Feb 25, 2020

Davin Youngs is a singer, teacher and sound guide based in Chicago. His work spans from performative to healing and is intended to move all humans toward positive growth and change.

In performance, Davin creates one of a kind immersive sonic experiences using his voice, sound healing instruments, looping devices, and electronic beats. He has had the fortune of offering these experiences for diverse audiences from executives at Coca-Cola, to the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago to the Sedona Yoga Festival, to Heal Haus in Brooklyn. In each experience Davin utilizes improvisation and energetic guides to layer sounds and move listeners into a container for self-discovery and elevation.

As a teacher and guide, Davin leads groups and individuals into deep experiences with the healing power of their voice. A student of Rhiannon , Jeanie LoVetri and the Sage Academy for Sound Energy, Davin knows first hand the radical and transformational power of the voice, what he calls the “essential sound.” He is the creator of Spontaneous Chant™, his signature method for Spirit inspired improvisational singing, VOXUS, an improvised singing team building experience and Chicago Circle Singing, a community singing gathering.

If you are a business owner who has ever questioned purpose or needed a break from what you do, this is the episode for you. No conversational stone was left unturned in this energized conversation between Davin and Jenna. Be sure to listen 'till the end - Davin gives us a special gift of song!

Love what you are hearing? Join us in June for Brink 2020 where Davin will be leading us through a sound experience to release and prepare for the next steps in our businesses.

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Over the next 30 days, practice singing out loud. Let it be wild and free and discover the voice that’s waiting to be sung.  



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