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Moving Experiences

Feb 11, 2020

A photographer with over eighteen years of professional experience, Cara Garbarino’s work has been seen in such magazines as Town & Country, Forbes, Chicago Social and North Shore magazines. She has had the honor of photographing numerous celebrities and public figures, including former President Barack Obama, Paul McCartney, former President Bill Clinton, Chelsea Handler, Lebron James, the Chicago Cubs, former Vice President Al Gore, former President Vicente Fox, Gavin Rossdale, Cindy Lauper and many more. One of the midwest's first boudoir studios, Cara opened The Atelier in 2009. She sought to create a custom portrait experience to help validate and empower women through her honed craft of fine art portraiture. Ten years and close to one thousand clients later, she still fiercely believes in the importance of this work and the powerful value a boudoir portrait experience can provide for women. Cara lives and works in Chicago with her kick ass husband, two iron-willed maniac toddlers and rescue pitbull impersonating a princess. 

In this candid and passionate conversation, the subjects of motherhood, post-partum depression, infertility, entrepreneurship, scaling a business, women's empowerment and of course, movement are discussed.  

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